James Aaron has released a powerful new single, "3 Words".

James Aaron has taken his time making his way into the spotlight. The beginnings of his musical career were as an ensemble player, helping to bring other visions to life – taking part in vocals for numerous advertising campaigns for big companies like Coca-Cola and Skoda, eventually making his way to the place of lead vocalist.


With his Christian faith at the centre of his motivations, he would also take part in the Kingdom Choir as a lead singer, a job that would take him around the world and bring him to the prestigious position of performing at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Having banked all that experience, Aaron has now decided to strike out solo with his own unique, unfettered vision. With a brand of slick, invigorating soul that takes inspiration from greats like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, he’s quickly become a fixture in the UK’s soul charts. His latest single, “3 Words”, is a perfect example of that – a powerful slice of soul with a music video that emphasises Aaron’s passionate vocals, and the centrality of religious faith and redemption to his music with the meaningful and symbolic background of the church.


On the song, he says, “I wrote 3 words while visiting Florida. It was inspired by one of my guy friends in the UK experiencing domestic abuse. We don’t often hear stories like these, so it was about shedding light on a different perspective. A lot of guys stay quiet even when things are tough.”

Listen here: