Shaking up the pop-punk scene, Tomsy drops his latest single, '321', a declaration of love's exhilarating moments.

Tomsy is an artist who has been honing his craft for some time. From the age of 11, he’s been an unwavering presence in the saturated pop-punk scene, setting aside from the crowd for his steadfast passion for his craft. Now, he presents us with his latest offering, ‘321’, an ode to his seamless genre-blurring whilst unravelling passionate avowals.


After earning his stripes at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Tomsy, a stage name for Tom McGeoch, ventured west to the vivacious musical landscape of Los Angeles to pursue his musical yearnings. Having supported over 100 artists and bands through his prowess as a drummer, songwriter and producer, Tomsy has honed his vision, crafting poignant lyricism inspired by poetry, unravelling his insightful observations about life.


Upholding his mission to unite people through his music, ‘321’ serves as a testament to this pursuit. Bestowing magnetic allure, similar to that of The Weekend, ‘321’ witnesses vibrant synth textures intertwined with emotive vocals that truly boast Tomsy’s boundless musical ability.


Adding to the elation, Tomsy has released a feel-good music video for ‘321’, directed by renowned cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel—known for his work on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Unveiling a birthday celebration, held in the vast hills of Hollywood, people gather and party all paying homage to the first birthday of his single, ‘321’.


Listen to '321' now: