Brooklyn singer/composer Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez shares the stunning music video for "40 Days".

Born into a family of musicians, it’s no wonder that music was Raina’s first language, a testimony to just how deeply it coursed through her veins. Rooted in jazz and R&B, Raina’s unique sonic world is laced with harmonic nuance and lyrical poetry.


Starting her songs with improvisation, Raina taps the hidden depths of daily life, processing the world around her as she goes.


Taken from Raina’s new album, ‘If They’re Mine’, is the slow-burning single “40 Days”, a subtly complex story about the struggle of letting go – something we can all relate to.


The music video for “40 Days” reflects the feeling and themes of the song’s narrative – interiority, repetition, longing. Raina shared: “Quickly this idea of inside/outside came into focus and I started to imagine the perfect space to contain this vision. I reached out to my friends at the Suminski Innski in Tivoli, New York. The Inn is so beautiful and unique, it has real character.”

Directed by Sofia Geld, the video is both poetic and visceral. Raina continues: “Along with DP Alice Plati, Movement Director Lisa Fagan, and Creative Consultant Sylver Wallace, we started to imagine how to move from tightness to space, from darkness to light, from inside to out.” 

Watch the music video below: