Talented multi-hyphenate, DAP the Contract, scores with yet another sensational single in the form of "45", a refreshing fusion of iconic era hip-hop and modern musings.

Coming from a family of talented musicians and a classically trained pianist himself, DAP the Contract has music running through his veins. Deciding to carry on the family legacy, DAP created his first beat at 14, labelling and saving each tape with the date and keyboard name, which has snowballed into a collection spanning the hundreds. Now DAP the Contract is back with a track that is the ideal addition to your summertime playlist.


Taken from this year’s EP ‘I Glad You Made It This Far’, “45” is breezy and sun-soaked, evoking nostalgic memories of summers’ past, perfectly capturing that coming-of-age essence. Subdued 808s and a bright piano melody layer with the Nigerian rapper’s effortless delivery, his bars bouncing alongside surging trumpet solos and gospel-like harmonies. DAP gives further insight into the meaning behind the track: ‘“45” represents the trials and tribulations of the journey that are so often overlooked, the valley to the peaks if you will.’ DAP and Joe Bruce deliver a brutally honest articulation of the doubts, fears and insecurities that come with pursuing greatness. 


DAP the Contract’s story is one of drive and inspiration: having attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the rapper-singer-producer-pianist went on to graduate from Brown University and Columbia Law School. Having recently been accepted into the NY bar and continuing to write and record music whilst working as a full-time attorney, it seems DAP’s ambition knows no bounds. His unique style has seen him work with iconic producer Mark Ronson, headline a European tour – and with his streams rocketing into the millions, DAP the Contract’s hard work has finally paid off.

Watch the video below: