From Scorsese's epic Western crime drama to Wes Anderson's science fiction romantic thriller, here are five must see movies debuting at Cannes Film Festival this week.

Film fans are once again flocking to Cannes as it hosts its 76th Film Festival. Beginning on the 16th of May and running until the 27th, the festival celebrates the best in global filmmaking. This year’s event is of particular significance as a record seven female directors compete for the Palme d’Or; the highest prize awarded at Cannes Film Festival. 


Controversially, the opening night debuted with Maïwenn’s Jeanne du Barry which follows the life of King Louis XV’s last mistress, in an era of indulgence and lavish French living. Pegged to re-introduce Johnny Depp to cinema audiences, the film has been slammed by critics in attendance. Maybe, Maïwenn’s casting risk hasn’t paid off after all. 


In celebration of the array of international talent on display in Cannes, we’ve looked at some of the festival’s most-anticipated English language films. 

Asteroid City by Wes Anderson 


Wes Anderson explores love and human connection through ‘world-changing events’ in a film that feels oddly reminiscent of lockdown. Fans can expect the same subdued tones, visual symmetry and quirky humour defining the director’s aesthetic, as well as familiar faces like Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody and Jarvis Cocker. Scarlett Johansson makes her live-action debut with Wes, after starring in Isle of Dogs, and newcomers like Maya Hawke, Tom Hanks and Steve Carell also have major roles in the film. 

Killers of the Flower Moon by Martin Scorsese


 Another big-name director film, Martin Scorsese’s upcoming crime thriller depicts the massacre of the Osage tribe in 1920s America and the subsequent FBI investigation. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert de Niro and Lily Gladstone, the film is a courageous three hours and 26 minutes, making it Scorsese’s longest film yet. The film will be available to stream on Apple TV+. 


Strange Way of Life by Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodóvar’s comparably short film ‘Extraña forma de vida’, Strange Way of Life), sees Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke playing Wild-West lovers, who reunite after 25 years apart. 

How to Have Sex by Molly Manning Walker 


 How to Have Sex sees British filmmaker Molly Manning Walker depicting a rite-of-passage summer holiday for three teenage girls after just completing their GCSEs. While little is known about the film so far, seeing any coming-of-age premiere at Cannes feels exciting, particularly given the focus on wider issues of consent and sex education. 

Occupied City by Steve McQueen 


 For those who want something more hard-hitting, look no further than Steve McQueen’s documentary Occupied City, which focuses on Amsterdam through from Nazi occupation in World War II to its pandemic-struck years. The harrowing documentary totals four hours and 22 minutes of viewing.