Rising Chinese-American pop star MARG reaches new astral realms on infectious new single, '5am Wasted'.

Here to cure your January blues, Chinese-American pop sensation MARG has dropped ‘5am Wasted’: an emotive electro-pop single that captures the interminable feeling of love. With vocals as smooth as silk, the superstar-in-waiting delivers a delicate and impassioned performance that consolidates her unique brand of pop music. Crunchy basslines and whirring melodies create a powerful melancholy, reassuring us that life will get better in the face of adversity.  


Having had previous singles, like ‘Think You Like It When I’m Gone’, featured on the hit TV show Love Island, MARG has been on an upward trajectory in recent times. Last year, she released I Found Love (In Myself) – an invigorating 11-track record inspired by the spiritual and psychedelic R&B tones of artists like Kali Uchis.  


‘5am Wasted’ lucidly depicts drunken thoughts and the impending hangxiety after a night out. With a relationship weighing heavily on her shoulders, MARG wonders whether it’s worth her emotional investment, battling back feelings of regret over deep, astral-like production. It’s a celestial start to 2024 for the songwriter, who we hope to hear more from as the year goes on. 


Listen to '5am Wasted' now: