Emerging artist and producer Saint Imago shares idiosyncratic new single “7th Street Confidential”, out today.

Saint Imago is an emerging singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer with a knack for creating. Learning how to play the guitar at a young age, the musician soon learnt to evolve his sound into a whirlwind of blues, electronica and indie. 


Growing up moved by the likes of ​​Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac, as well as heavily-praised singers Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin, Saint’s work is influenced by a wide variety of music. Releasing his debut EP in 2020, ‘Across a Sea’ saw the artist share a transparent project capturing the troublesome emotions surrounding love and loss. 


Today sees Saint share his brand-new single “7th Street Confidential”. Exploring the meaning behind it, he says: “the single is based around a story that I was told. I found the story to be intensely provocative and emotive. It also revealed an internal crisis that I believe we all face in one way or another at some point in our lives – how to deal with our desire and what to do with it. When I produced the song I tried to capture the feeling with which the story was told to me – an intensity characterized by guilt, frustration and optimism”. 

Stream "7th Street Confidential" below: