Singer-songwriter VERSKOTZI drops new music video for “8BILLIONWORLDS”, the third single released from his eagerly awaited sophomore album.

In a world teeming with innovation and creativity, it is often music that provides the canvas on which artists can express the profound connections and complexities of human existence. VERSKOTZI, the talented singer-songwriter, has achieved just that with his latest single and music video release titled, “8BILLIONWORLDS.” The song serves as a testament to the ceaseless wonders of our planet’s population.


As the third single released from his eagerly awaited sophomore album, VERSKOTZI’s “8BILLIONWORLDS” is a sonic journey that seeks to unravel the very fabric of human consciousness. The genesis of the song lies in the artist’s revelation that Earth’s population had officially surpassed 8 billion individuals. This astounding milestone served as a catalyst for VERSKOTZI, who was deeply moved by the notion that we coexist with billions of unique perspectives and realities.


Collaborating with his dear friend and frequent creative partner, Jesse Thomas, VERSKOTZI transformed this revelation into a mesmerizing and introspective piece of music. The song reflects the profound realization that every one of us inhabits our own world, shaped by our experiences, emotions, and perceptions. In essence, there are 8 billion distinct realities concurrently unfolding on our planet, each contributing to the rich tapestry of life.


The Official Music Video for “8BILLIONWORLDS” captures this concept beautifully. It features a montage of faces belonging to friends, family, and colleagues of VERSKOTZI, projected onto the artist himself as he passionately sings along to the vintage rock and roll track. Filmed at Liz Bretz’s Moon 7 Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, the video was a directorial debut for VERSKOTZI. The imagery emphasizes the idea that while we inhabit our own unique worlds, we are interconnected, necessitating interactions steeped in love and kindness. It is a reflection of the self-awareness required to recognize that we are all experiencing the same daily joys, pains, and mundane stresses of life on Earth.


Sonically, “8BILLIONWORLDS” channels VERSKOTZI’s deep appreciation for the fuzz rock and psychedelic sounds of the 60s, reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album. While the video is presented in black and white to symbolize unity, the song bursts forth with a vibrant and diverse musical palette that keeps listeners on their toes. Recorded exclusively with live instruments in Nashville, Tennessee at Izaac Burkhart’s studio, the track exudes a raw and honest quality that is emblematic of VERSKOTZI’s brand of rock ‘n’ roll. It is a nostalgic yet fresh take on a classic sound, demonstrating his commitment to preserving the essence of rock while pushing its boundaries.


“8BILLIONWORLDS” is more than just a song; it’s a profound meditation on the human experience and our shared journey on this pale blue dot in the cosmos. VERSKOTZI’s ability to distill the collective consciousness of humanity into a captivating piece of music showcases his talent and commitment to the art form. In a world of 8 billion worlds, his music reminds us that we are all in this together, interconnected and harmonious, despite our individual realities.


Listen to the song here and watch the video below.

Watch the video for "8BILLIONWORLDS" now: