Venezuelan singer Micro TDH releases his long awaited album '9'.

Venezuelan singer Micro TDH has released his long awaited album, a 14-track record that embodies his fascination for telling stories and projecting feelings. It dives into various genres such as rap, trap and hip-hop, with songs that narrate love, heartbreak, the reflection of being grateful and the invitation to dance.


The project saw the artist collaborate with others, working with Yandel, Myke Towers, and Pablo Alboran, as well as a collection of emerging artists that are “killing it out there”, and in Micro TDH’s words, “trying to put Venezuela in the map at a worldwide level”. He continues: “Music has given me beautiful and unforgettable experiences. If you analyze it, there are many valuable moments in life that come accompanied by music. I would like my music to also contribute to moments like these”. 


He has explained the significance of the title, and that the number 9 has always been important in his life. For Micro TDH, the “number 9 signifies a selfless service to humanity. Number 9 is ideologically what I want to transmit with Micro TDH.” The album holds a personal history, as well as reflecting on wider relatable concepts. 

Stream the album below: