Bronx rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Harlem fashion maverick Bloody Osiris celebrate A Boogie’s new album in style, with the release of their signature gaming hoodie.

Looking to snag one of the most exclusive pieces of clothing ever crafted? Look no further than the latest collaboration of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie x Bloody Osiris. Dubbed as ‘The World’s Most Anti-Social Hoodie’, the hoodie’s release runs alongside the release of Bronx artist A Boogie’s latest album, Better Off Alone—a project brimming with his unrivalled wordsmith energy and bouncy trap beats that are sure to get you hyped. With only two hoodies in existence—one owned by A Boogie himself—the other could be yours.


Capturing A Boogie’s passion for gaming and Osiris’ knack for timeless design, the NYC duo have mastered the art of crafting a simply iconic hoodie. Made with hand-woven sound-proof materials, the hoodie is equipped with Beats’ noise-cancelling headset technology that redefines both style and functionality. Bringing cutting-edge technology and modern streetwear to the game, the hoodie ensures to take immersive experiences to the next level.

Channelling A Boogie’s introspective themes across his new album, the hoodie empowers his reflection of solitude amidst the whirlwind of fame, implying that such alienation is crucial for his own progress and development.


Known for his effortless flows and trap beats, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie hit the rap scene in 2016 with his self-released debut mixtape, Artist. Now he’s one of the hottest artists, and having dropped his eighth studio album A Boogie is only rising higher, and stepping into the fashion sphere with the help of fashion maverick Bloody Osiris.

With only two hoodies in existence, this collaboration stands as a pinnacle in both music and fashion realms. Coinciding rap talisman’s full international tour, which includes a massive European run with a flurry of UK dates, it only makes the hoodie even more of a coveted item.


To stand a chance at owning this rare piece, fans can sign up for the competition here.

Listen to Better Off Alone now: