Rising Chilean DJ Paula Tape takes us along for a Day in the Life on the lineup of Beat Hotel's 7-day multi-venue Ibiza event, playing the legendary Pikes.

Taking place across multiple venues, Beat Hotel’s week-long series promises to channel the original spirit of the island, spanning sunset sessions, club takeovers and intimate parties at off-locations. Joined by the likes of Roisin Murphy, Bradley Zero, Auntie Flow + Sarathy Korwar and Raw Silk, Paula Tape hit the Pikes stage for the event. 


Taking us along for the ride, get a look into Paula’s Day in the Life below!

"Apiento at work!"
"My religious workshop".
"The Mirror of Times..."
"Mustang is a lifestyle pt.1"...
"Mustang is a lifestyle pt.2".
"The Pikes Aura".
"Hay fiesta y mi cuerpo lo sabe".
"Sun-kissed before my set at Freddies".
"Vibes at Pikes eve on the famous aquamarine pool".
"The smiles ft. Andy, Marine, Rug and my fellow Beat Hotel DJ, Bradley Zero".
"The smiles pt. 2".
"Record delivery in the booth is always a warm surprise, thanks Demi".
"It’s been awesome. Paula Tape, over and out!"