Bel Cobain takes Notion behind the scenes of a day performing at Love Supreme festival.

Fusing Latin, Afrobeat, and Psychedelic vibes into her own unique palette, Bel Cobain draws on poetry to build her musical style.


The East London musician shares tunes that are just brimming with organic origins. Her recent releases, “Leader” and “Unsafe House” look at the freedom of submission through the lens of empowerment and sexual liberation, and tackles ancestral trauma respectively.


We followed Bel Cobain to Love Supreme festival earlier this month where she took us behind the scenes, giving us an insight into her pre-show nerves and stunning performance dresses.

Me and the band running a couple tunes. Lenny on the guitar and Jonah on the bass, my angels. Ke Ke on the sax doin her lil’ ting as well!
I love how magical this photo looks. Big ups Nathan for catching the spirit.
The crowd was hugeeeeee. Can't really see it proper in this, but people kept piling in. Defo the biggest crowd ive performed to. Was sick to play my music to a new type of crowd too. Loads of jazzy old heads rating my it. That type of love proper validates what I'm doing, like good- good music kinda lovers.
Before shows, I actually feel like I'm having a bad trip. I'm proper sensitive loooool. Anyway this is a picture of me going through one of the 7 phases of Bel before a performance… Some may call me a nightmare; proper freak people out, but we all have our things, and ultimately I'll be fine once I'm on stage with a vino. It's just the bits before lol.
Some lil’ VIP performace me and Charlie did just before our main set. Charlie bruv! These crocs!!!!!!!!!!??????
Getting shipped around in the festival van thingies! Could get used to this????
Just before getting on stage, feelin a lot better after a large glass of wine.
The dress was designed by Caprice Brown. I felt powers in this thing!
Me in my second look, designed and styled by the wonderful Caprice Brown. Lookin' rather princess-like.
Another. Can we have a moment for the dress??!

Listen to Bel Cobain below:


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