Fresh off the release of new single, "Joe", Joesef takes us along for a Day in the Life playing a show to the home crowd at Glasgow's iconic King Tut's.

"Starting the show day by with darting through the typical weather in Glasgow, pelting rain.”
“Arrived at King Tuts, need to set up the stage so it looks super sexy - wanted to go for a jeff buckley/mtv unplugged vibe for this show."
“Not too shabby, how things look are massively important to me, and it’s always fun creating a little world for the music to live in doing things like this.”
"Doing sound check and starting to get a little bit nervous by this point. Playing to my hometown crowd always makes me feel a certain way, it’s a feeling that can’t be compared to anywhere else."
“Trying on the suit for the first time and realising I’m going to be sweating my fucking arse off tonight.”
“Out the back for some warm ups, I had my in ear monitors in at this point and could hear the crowd being mental already, mildly panicked look on my face now.”
“Pee break x x x x”
“I’ve walked through this door onto the stage four times now, my first ever gig was at King Tuts it always feels like coming home now, seeing my mates and family in the crowd, the noise from the Glasgow mob is unbelievable.”
“Tonight was about telling the people who got me to where I am first, that I’m about to put out my debut album. It’s called 'Permanent Damage', and it felt only right the young team where the first to know. That’s that then.”

Stream "Joe" below:


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