Singer-songwriter and guitarist, kezia, gives Notion an exclusive look into a day in their life as they release their debut EP ‘claire’ and shares the video for “PORTLAND”.

Born in California to a musical household, kezia began releasing music when they were only 17 years old. Inspired by artists as varied as My Chemical Romance, Fela Kuti, Papa Wemba and Paramore, kezia’s debut EP follows the release of last year’s hazy and passionate “megan fox” and the groovy, self-empowering track “south!” featuring rising British Indian rapper NAYANA IZ.


‘claire’ touches on themes such as navigating life as a biracial woman, living with mental instability and depression, exploring spirituality, and learning to love through giving love. With sensual vocals and raw lyrics, the EP is an exciting first look into the world of kezia, a Bay Area native with a sound all their own, coloured by 90s R&B, shaded with American pop, and filtered through their Gen Z sensibilities.


To celebrate the release of ‘claire’, kezia shares a short and sweet video for “PORTLAND” directed by xx. On the track kezia sings, “Lovely, lovely / Say you Love me / Wrap me up, and / Say you Love me.” They explain “it’s about a first love, the ache to crave acceptance unconditionally”.

“this is from my grandma’s garden in american canyon, i miss her all the time 🥺”
“i’ve actually never been inside of coit tower. I wonder what’s so coit about it.”
“i saw myself in this reflection and i had to stop. I was like “who is she? I don’t know her, but i’d like to get to know her!”
“this faux grass was grassing. I like that"
“me and my best, besting! we didn’t even plan to match this day.”
“taxi!...... 🚕 wait do people even use taxi’s these days? 😂"
“it’s the face 444 me 🤣”
“ahhhhh, home sweet home. (not my home but right outside my friends house lmao).”

Stream 'claire' below: