Rising Sydney alt-pop musician, merci, mercy, gives us a peek into a day in her life as she gears up to drop her 'no thank you, no thanks' EP on 16th October.

Up and coming Aussie singer-songwriter, Mercedes Thorne – otherwise known by her moniker merci, mercy – is crafting honest and often relatable bops.


For fans of Charli XCX, Bea Miller and BENEE, merci, mercy is the new breakthrough pop princess on the horizon. Traversing topics such as mental health, toxic relationships and social anxiety, it’s no wonder she’s already racked up more than 3.3 million streams on Spotify alone since releasing her debut single “Fucked Myself Up” earlier this year.


merci’s forthcoming EP, ‘no thank you, no thanks’ is a snapshot of her life at the age of 18. The six tracks are written from both personal experiences and observations of others and their experiences. “It was quite a therapeutic process for me to write these songs and I hope they might connect with people who have been through similar experiences,” she shares.


To celebrate the forthcoming EP, merci, mercy gave us an insight into a day in her life, which included everything from hitting the beach to watching Netflix. merci explains her day below…


Pic #1: This was how I started my day, taking a while to get out of bed.


Pic #2: Feeling very much hungover from the night before.


Pic #3: After I finally got out of bed my boyfriend Isaac and I got Maccas for brekky then took my niece to the beach. My niece spent the whole time just being too bloody cute.

Pic #4: We all then went back to Hendo (the place I live at with the best roommates) and drank some drink and ate some dinner.

Pic #5: Oh and this pic is just me and my best friend Kaleb looking cute as fuck.


Pic #6: My brother’s band is called The Decapitators. This was the first gig I have been to since COVID. I thought it was going to be weird since everyone was sitting down, but it was so much fun cause you can dance without getting sore. I did end up having a sore neck though from all the headbanging.

Pic #7: At some point in the night I went to the servo to buy cigarettes and was very sad that my fave servo guy was not there :(((( I had also at this point decided Isaacs’s shirt looked better on me (and yes I am wearing a skirt).


Pic #8: Fast forward to the next day where I saw 2 ladybugs making love on the top of my car. This was after Isaac and I gathered all the coins around my room to buy ingredients for dinner. WE FOUND 23 DOLLARS 🙂


Pic #9: Then to finish off such an interesting weekend, Isaac made me dinner (which tasted amazing as per usual). 


Pic #10: And we watched the tv show The Boys while feeling extremely hungover.

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