Swedish artist, Tove Styrke, gives Notion an exclusive look into a day in her life as she shares the music video for her latest single “Mood Swings”.

Platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated, and national radio ‘Pop Artist of the Year’ recipient, Tove Styrke has been on the rise since the release of her 2015 album, ‘Kiddo’. Since then, Tove has embarked on multiple headline tours, made SXSW appearances, performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and has received vocal support from artist peers such as Sam Smith, Tove Lo, and Shawn Mendes. She has also released several collaborations with the likes of ALMA, Clean Bandit and Lost Kings.


Returning with her first single in 3 years, “Mood Swings” finds Tove Styrke back at her best, offering up a taste of what’s to come in 2021. Exploring the complexity of human identity and her struggles with mental health and self-acceptance. “It’s paying tribute to my best and worst sides. I really hate myself sometimes. But I’m trying really hard not to. These past three years I’ve been through depression, fell hard in love, survived a Swedish music reality TV show, I got a car, I got stuck with millennial blues, I feel like an adult sometimes, I feel like I did as a child. I feel kinda free,” Tove explains.


Now sharing new visuals for the track, Tove comments on the music video in which she portrays 8 different characters, “It’s my idea and creative concept and I’ve really tried my hardest to portray these characters in a respectful and loving way. I love them. People are more complex than we allow them to be, and as different as these characters look on the outside, as much variation can be found inside one person.”

Happy June 1st!!
This day was a lot of Mood Swings prep. Here I’m trying out fake tattoos. This one says "Millennial Blues".
Here’s a little Say My Name tribute.
When you’re on a diet and a time crunch :')))
Soundtrack of the day. So sue me.
Got an actual real tattoo for the video as well.
Trying out looks for tiktok. This one felt very Adore Delano to me?!
...tiktok again. Idk.
I should get an award for this creation. Thanks, bye! :D

Watch the "Mood Swings" music video below:

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