As the tapestry of contemporary horror cinema continues to unfurl, evolve, and evoke, we often find ourselves eagerly awaiting the next wave of spine-tingling narratives and boundary-pushing experiences - audiences and industry professionals, alike.

Now that award season is over, cinephiles are moving on from 2023’s box office to anticipate where film is headed next. Particularly enticing are happenings in the horror sphere where pushing boundaries, provocation and the unexpected are welcome. Three highly talked-about projects coming soon suggest that new archetypes are emerging and will have us on the edge of our seats: from Sydney Sweeney’s chilling psychological thriller Immaculate to director Rose Glass’ pulse-pounding neo-noir fantasies, these intriguing narratives redefine the role of the modern scream queen whilst inviting audiences to confront new fears. Find out just what to expect below…

Saint Maud stage adaptation


First up the 2019 ‘religious horror’ film, Saint Maud – the critically acclaimed directorial debut of Rose Glass – is undergoing a theatrical transformation. Adapted by Jessica Andrews and featuring music by Gazelle Twin, the new stage production promises to bring Maud’s dark and troubling story viscerally to life. Morfydd Clark’s haunting portrayal of Maud, the troubled caregiver, captivated audiences on screen, and now promises to leave a lasting impression on stage. Set against the backdrop of Scarborough, Maud’s descent into darkness poignantly explores obsession and madness—a journey that mirrors the evolution of the modern scream queen.

Love Lies Bleeding 

Kristen Stewart’s fans have long awaited the release of Love Lies Bleeding, the second project of Rose Glass, set to hit UK cinemas on May 3 (in the US it arrives March 15). The neo-noir romance is expected to be a thrilling blend of crime, chaos, and unexpected twists. Against the backdrop of 1989 New Mexico, audiences are plunged into fever dreams and unyielding passions. Stewart’s portrayal of Lou, an introverted gym manager who gets swept up in a romantic fantasy, is a daring challenge to not only the scream queen archetype but character narratives of strong females more broadly. 


Venturing into new territory, Sydney Sweeney takes on a darker role in her upcoming horror film set in an Italian convent. Serving as both producer and lead actor, Sweeney brings her trademark intensity and vulnerability to the character of an American nun confronting unspeakable horrors. Filmed on location in Rome, Immaculate is promising to deliver a chilling exploration of faith and fear, with Sweeney’s performance anchoring the narrative in raw emotion and determination. As the convent’s sinister secrets come to light, audiences have been teased with a world of darkness and despair—a world where the line between reality and nightmare begins to blur.