Fresh off the heels of the Cercle Festival's second edition, we take a look inside the innovative electronic festival taking the industry by storm.

After a successful debut in 2022, Cercle Festival, has been the talk of the town ever since. A two-day extravaganza platforming the best of the best in the electronic scene, Cercle pushes innovation to the next level showcasing the festivities in an iconic aviation site at Paris’ iconic Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace (National Air & Space Museum). Just having presented its second edition a few days ago, the widespread anticipation was evident from all across the globe. Over 140,000 people pre-registered for access to the event’s preview box office, with the tickets selling out within 30 minutes of going live—even before the lineup was announced. The anticipation was palpable, and Cercle delivered a triumph beyond expectations, providing an unforgettable musical experience with 35 international artists performing across the A380, Ariane, and Concorde stages.


On the Saturday, the A380 stage welcomed house and afro-house sounds, whilst on the Sunday a techno overhaul occurred with the likes of industry hotshots, Delacroix, Boris and Vitalic setting the stage ablaze with their eclectic sounds. The Ariana stage followed suit, but took the opposite approach: making way for techno on the Saturday, and presenting afro-house and house on the Sunday. Doing things a bit differently, the Concorde stage showcased the best rising artists from the four corners of the globe, with Notre Dame, from France, and Julya Karma, from USA, both sending shockwaves through the crowds with their b2b sets.

Check out the stunning visuals from Cercle Festival below, and let us transport you to this otherworldly event. From the breathtaking performances to the unparalleled setting, Cercle Festival 2024 has set a new standard for music festivals worldwide. If you’re looking to add a unique and unforgettable event to your 2025 calendar and beyond, Cercle’s activations should be at the top. Here are our top five highlights from Cercle Festival that make it a must-attend event next year and beyond, showcasing Cercle as a true innovator in the experience space.

The Unique Location


Hosting the festival at the National Air & Space Museum, just 30 minutes from the centre of Paris, added an extraordinary backdrop to the event. The unique location provided a visually stunning setting that set Cercle apart from other festivals. Imagine dancing under the wings of the iconic Concorde or in the shadow of an A380 – it’s an experience like none other and a must-see setting in every festival-goer’s roster.

  • Photography Geoffrey Hubbel
  • Photography Geoffrey Hubbel

The Truly International, Stylistically Trendsetting Audience


This year, festival-goers came together from all across the globe. With a whopping 73 different nationalities gathering together in Paris, over 60% of the crowd were non-French. The diverse and international crowd created a melting pot of styles, cultures, and trends, where memories that would last a life time were shared collectively, making the festival not just a musical journey but a cultural one too.

The 50/50 Female Lineup Split


Cercle’s commitment to gender equality was evident with its 50/50 female lineup split. Setting the precedent for other festivals to follow, the line-up spotlighted some of Electronica’s best female talent from all around the globe. Emphasizing the importance of diversity and representation in the music industry, this commitment will give female talent a much-needed voice in the male-dominated scene within the electronic genre. The likes of American DJ, HoneyLuv, German girl-genius, Ann Clue, and all-round polymath, Desiree took to the stage for exhilarating sets that would be etched in the festival-goers’ memories for years to come.

  • Photography Geoffrey Hubbel

High-Quality Livestream Access


For those who couldn’t attend in person, Cercle provided high-quality livestreams of select performances. This accessibility allowed fans worldwide to partake in the festival’s magic, ensuring that no one missed out on the experience, regardless of their location. It showcased Cercle’s dedication to truly building a global community all whilst letting people get a snippet of the must-see event. The sets of techno DJ, Indira Paganotto, Ann Clue and House legends, Disclosure and Mochakk—who both did a b2b set—were all live-streamed to music buffs from across the globe. 

The Expert Curation Beyond Just Music – Including Food


To accompany the talented artists and satisfy all senses, transitioning from hearing to taste, Colombian Chef Juan Arbelaez selected 14 food stands to delight festival-goers. Carrying essential values such as product quality and a responsible approach, the 2024 food corner was an experience more than just gourmet! A spirited chef and entrepreneur, he infused with festive atmospheres that the dance floor remembers, Juan Arbelaez imprints his personality in his 14 restaurants. A lover of world flavours, this Chef translated his own universe into each of his establishments.