In celebration of their latest single, “I Gotta Feeling” and their Glasto gig this Friday eve, STONE bring us along for a classic night out at their favourite local karaoke haunt, Motel Bar in Liverpool.

"The stage looked sick - was loud too!"
"This dude smashed our track "Money (Hope Ain't Gone)"."
"Brothers in arms (Elliot & Alex) after the karaoke onslaught."
"This one’s for the lovers x."
"These brave souls put everything on the line that night."
"Fin punking a donk on it."
"Our Saz rocking it."
"Everything was on the line... Even Fin's position as singer."
"They performed Fins karaoke favourite 'Don’t Stop Believing'. None of us stopped believing that night."
"Don't ever stop believing."
"Catch Yas next time!"

Have your own karaoke night with STONE's brand new track, "I Gotta Feeling" below: