Canadian artist Ivan Hartle shows his boundless artistry in his introspective debut album, ‘A Place To Stay.’

Somewhere in between the soul of Sam Cooke and the folk of Amos Lee, is where you’ll find Ivan Hartle. His sound is hard to pinpoint in one singular genre. It stands as a fusion of many, melding retro soul with jazz, folk and blues nuances to create a vintage, yet forward-thinking soundscape that truly stands apart from the crowd.


Influenced and inspired by a cadre of disparate genres, it seems fitting that an album—where he can showcase the vastness of his artistry—would be an ode to his boundary-pushing nature. Ivan’s debut album, A Place To Stay, is a 10-track project that draws inspiration from his personal experiences and the world around him. Openly wearing his heart on his sleeve, the singer-songwriter delves into themes of relationships, love, hardships and connections with others.


Laden with melodic grooves and soulful vocals, A Place To Stay has an undeniable bossa nova swagger throughout. From the drenched electric guitar track of ‘Feelin’ Like’ to the melancholic tempo of ‘Love in the Lead’, Ivan’s songwriting prowess takes centre stage.


Speaking on the album, Ivan states: “Obviously life is very nuanced and circumstantial, but sometimes the act of looking deeply within yourself can reveal an answer to a problem. For example, in the song ‘Set Me Free’ I write about feeling lost or looking to someone or something for help, but a line that I really connected with suggests “maybe it’s there in my reverie… maybe I’m unaware that it’s all in me.”

Listen to 'A Place To Stay' now: