Moroccan-Lebanese alt-pop starlet LARA D releases new single 'A.T.M (All The Money)', embracing her identity and unique music perspective.

It’s no secret that Australia’s pop scene has been on the rise in recent years. Since Kylie Minogue stamped, in four-inch stilettos, her sound into the fabric of mainstream music, she’s left a trail of Aussie superstars in her wake. LARA D is the latest breaking out of The Land Down Under, taking inspiration from ‘it’ girls like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eillish while making music that’s inherently her own. 


The self-taught artist has been making waves in her homeland and beyond thanks to an equally ethereal and edgy pop aesthetic that transcends many of her contemporaries. In December last year, she released ‘A.T.M (All The Money)’: a contagious track which unfurls visually in a club bathroom. A myriad of individuals stop in front of the mirror, checking their looks, taking selfies and greeting friends with open arms. What goes on behind the toilet doors becomes far more complex, as we see people struggling with their internal demons and searching for help. Directed by Fionna Nova, the video is a metaphor for how, on the surface, we may seem okay but beneath there are always troubles that we have to face. 


Recently signed to an independent US label, the best is yet to come from LARA D. The Moroccan-Lebanese musician is still just 21 years old and already has singles surpassing a million streams on Spotify. With ‘A.T.M (All The Money)’ finally out in the open, who knows what the rest of 2024 will bring her? One thing’s for sure, though, is that we’ll be patiently waiting to see what she does next. 

Listen to 'A.T.M (All The Money)' now: