Listen to the 10-track joint venture 'A Timeless Motif': a reimagining of classical works through a contemporary Lo-Fi lens.

In a sonically synchronized crossover, Arden Records and the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra have orchestrated a marriage between two unacquainted genres – Classical and Lo-Fi. This collaboration, encapsulated in ‘A Timeless Motif,’ explores the uncharted territory where the timeless elegance of classical compositions meets the contemporary allure of lo-fi beats.


Founded in 1999, the London Symphony Orchestra’s in-house label, LSO Live, pioneered artist-owned labels, offering orchestral performances ranging from Beethoven to Mahler for lo-fi remixes. Arden Records, a lo-fi label and joint venture with Platoon, celebrated its second anniversary with Arden Nights, showcasing ten classical remixes from ‘A Timeless Motif.’ The label, inspired by the nostalgic quality of lo-fi music, aims to be an artist-first ecosystem, fostering connection, support, and collaboration among artists in the lo-fi genre.


Classical music, renowned for its intricate compositions and emotional depth, has long held a revered place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. It has the ability to transcend time, stirring emotions and connecting generations. On the other end of the sonic spectrum, the comparatively more contemporary subgenre of Lo-Fi emerged from the underground, resonating with scholars, artists, and those seeking an ambient escape from the noise of everyday life.


Arden Records, a trailblazing label in the realm of Lo-Fi, joins forces with the London Symphony Orchestra, a symbol of classical excellence. ‘A Timeless Motif,’ a 10-track compilation, is the offspring of this collaboration, breathing new life into renowned classical works through the lens of lo-fi beats.


In an era where musical boundaries blur and genre-bending is rising in both prevalence and popularity, Arden Records and the London Symphony Orchestra, both pioneers in their respective domains are showcasing the adaptability and fluidity of musical expression but also working to reflect an understanding of the diverse tastes of contemporary audiences. In a collaboration as culturally courageous as its moniker, ‘A Timeless Motif’ could be seen as a bridge between tradition and modernity, a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of musical exploration.

Press play on ‘A Timeless Motif’ below now: