Tsharna's debut EP offers a captivating examination of the burdens of love.

Though Tsharna first shot to fame through her R&B reimaginings of familiar hit songs, it’s clear that the UK songstress has longed to tell her own original stories, unfettered by the influence of others. Having gathered support from across the industry, it’s finally her chance.


Her debut EP, ‘About That Time…’ delivers truly on the promise of letting Tsharna take control of her own narrative – it’s a collection of five songs that chart in intimate and personal detail how she’s come to accept the idea of deserving and manifesting the love she wants.


The EP adopts a reflective tone that allows the listener to sink slowly into its emotional layers, from the vulnerability of opening track “Think About Me” to the cathartic and up-tempo release of closer “Insane”. It’s music that encourages empathy and personal introspection, opening one’s eyes to Tsharna’s experience while making you think about how her story might relate to your own.


On the EP, she comments, “I used the phrase ‘About That Time…’ because I frequently relive these moments in my head as if it were a diary. I prefer to think of these songs as a representation of those experiences, and the title is recalling those moments of my life. The title also has another meaning for me – it’s like I’m in a big music hall listening to the DJ introduce each new song for the night. When you hear them say, ‘alright it’s about that time we slow things down’, you just know the rest of the night is about to be nothing but R&B. In this case, I’m the DJ, I’m the storyteller providing a look into my world.”

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