Here’s an exclusive preview of LT’s brand new, sugar-dipped tune “Act Your Age”.

With two fingers to stereotypes and naysayers, the artist formerly known as Leanne Tennant is about to drop her new indie-pop track “Act Your Age”. Told through intoxicating vocals, LT delves into what it means to be a woman in the music industry, from societal standards to the inherent ageism. It’s a bittersweet song that fuses catchy hooks with rude truths – and sounds great doing it.  


The record comes alongside the announcement of several tour dates coming up – with one in Cork, and one in Liverpool, and two more in Australia, where she’s currently based. Likened to artists such as Melanie Martinez and MARINA, the UK-born musician marking out a clear space for herself within the indie scene. She’s also seen comparison to the pop sensibilities of Lily Meola, and the aesthetics of Goldfrapp. 


Looking a little deeper at the meaning behind “Act Your Age”, LT explains,  “When you’re a kid, people are telling you to grow up and ‘act your age’ and then when you get a little older, women especially, are told they can’t behave, dress, or continue working in a variety of careers because they’re too old.  Stuff that. I’ll act whatever age I want to.”

Listen to “Act Your Age” below: