Announcing the title of his forthcoming debut solo album, The Evil Genius, Mr Eazi drops introspective new track "Advice".

As the third single from the project, Mr Eazi‘s new track “Advice” lands alongside the title announcement for his forthcoming debut solo album: The Evil Genius, out October 27. Produced by Ghana’s M.O.G. Beatz, the track was written during a heavy moment in the artist’s life personal life – ironically, a time of great career success – which is reflected in its dark, atmospheric sound and introspective lyrics. “When you first come up [as an artist], everybody is in love with you, then they want to draw you down. People begin to betray you. If you’re able to survive this stage, you go untouchable. But this is the hardest stage,” he explains.


Over 16 tracks, The Evil Genius will map out similarly personal stories over a two-year period of Mr Eazi’s life, drawing on themes of love, loneliness, family and betrayal. Recorded in some of his favourite cities, from Accra to Ouidah, New York to LA, it forms a melting pot of sounds without straying from the artist’s own distinctive niche.


Alongside the album, Mr Eazi commissioned visual artists from across Africa to create art pieces that will sit alongside each of its tracks. For ‘Advice,’ he turned to Nairobi-based artist Alphonce Odhiambo, known as Alpha ODH. Inviting artists to create for the album was from my passion for creativity and expression. I formed a true bond with many of my artist friends. The artworks visually unlock the ideas, emotion, and energy within my music,” Eazi says.


On the album’s title, he adds: “There’s been this low-key notion that Eazi is this calculated bad guy, and I started to fight this narrative. Then it hit me: This album is me fighting the ‘people pleaser’ in me, and accepting that image. By the time you listen to this project from beginning to end, you will have met ‘The Evil Genius.’ If you still think I’m the bad guy, so be it.”


Listen to "Advice" now:


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