Young Rob unleashes his musical odyssey in the form of 'AFRO-LOVER', a compelling journey of self-discovery.

Young Rob is the Ghanaian-born artist at the beginning of his musical odyssey. Aspiring to inspire others, the multitalented artist just released his debut album, ‘AFRO-LOVER’, showcasing an everlasting commitment to music. Capturing the highs and lows of his life over 13 tracks, the record highlights the London native’s vulnerable side over a multitude of genres. 


Hip-hop, Afrobeats and R&B are just a few sounds Young Rob explores on the project. A journey of self-discovery, ‘AFRO-LOVER’ encapsulates the artist’s compelling story with seductive vocals and rich musicality.  


“Bo Noor” is a party-shaking highlight and future single that gets your hips grooving. Created with Samuel G and MikeMillzOnEm, its body-snatching beat stands out from the more emotional cuts on the record’s track listing. Showing off ‘AFRO-LOVER’’ diverse emotions, the closing song “Nothing Like Me” is Young Rob at his most soul-bearing. On the track, he says: “This song is based on true events. After a break up I almost gave up on love. In search for my soulmate who is referred to as my superwoman.” It’s a hair-raising end to the record, which has already started to create a notable buzz. This won’t be the last you’ve heard of Young Rob. 

Listen To 'AFRO-LOVER' below: