Sophie Kilburn has released a cathartic new pop tune, "Afterthought".

Sophie Kilburn has made her name creating bold and emotionally vulnerable alt-pop with a self-reflexive edge – music that opens up the singer’s deepest feelings, but also questions the very idea of opening up itself. In that sense, she’s following in the footsteps of massive genre successes like Haim or Phoebe Bridgers – like them, Kilburn is eager to challenge assumptions at every turn.


Having rocketed to success with her debut EP ‘My Room Made Public’ last year, a collection of songs that invited listeners into Kilburn’s life with a honesty and welcome humour, she’s ready to take her career to the next level this year with a headline show at Paper Dress Vintage in London at the end of next month.


Ahead of that big event, she’s released a new single, “Afterthought”, which digs into the impact of a toxic relationship in Kilburn’s inimitable style. The track refuses to let the painful emotions which Kilburn is exploring remain painful – the effortlessly catchy rhythm and memorable chorus have a touch of Alanis Morisette to them in their transformation of dark memories into classic pop catharsis.


On the track, Kilburn says, “I wrote Afterthought about dating someone who never thinks about you in their decisions, showing a clear disregard and disrespect to the person they are dating but wouldn’t dare treat their mates that way. They are the ones who can’t help dropping you a What’s app to ‘check in’, expecting you to ‘be mother’ as they drift in and out of your life refueling their confidence. It has nothing to do with bitterness, it is about self-reflection and growth. Time really is a healer and only on reflection do you realise that some people will never change or take responsibility for their actions. I really want people to feel empowered to say, ‘fuck that, if you don’t treat me right, you don’t get to be in my life”. I know that is easier said than done, especially when the heart is involved but I am trying to adopt that as one of my dating mantras for sure.”

Listen below: