Fantomacs charges his electronic landscapes with groundbreaking innovation in his latest single ‘Air Stream’.

Although Fantomacs is based in a city that is celebrated for its vibrant music scene, he is making waves among the collective of electronic artists striving for recognition. Determined to solidify his presence as a formidable figure, he drops his latest single ‘Air Stream’, taking listeners on an experimental sound odyssey.


Honing his craft for over two decades, Joerg Peters—the brainchild behind his pseudonym Fantomacs—has found his calling in genre-blurring, traversing through disparate genres while maintaining a cohesive sound. Within the period of forming his name, Fantomacs has unveiled a diverse array of projects—from singles and EPs to cover songs and poetry tracks, the electronic virtuoso has mastered the act of seamlessly fusing electro with jazz, funk and rock nuances, evoking a bouncy, zestful soundscape.


From his latest eight-track album, Harmonious Fusion, Fantomacs provides a glimpse into energetic yet atmospheric landscapes. Merging jazz compositions with electronic sensibilities, ‘Air Stream’ is characterised by intricate improvisations and rhythmic complexity. It stands as part of the album’s amalgamation of live instrumentation, layered with electronic intricacies. The track feels futuristic yet nostalgic, striking the perfect balance between the two, harmonising with the rich musical tapestry of his hometown while invoking an individualistic avant-garde spirit.

Listen to 'Air Stream' now: