Albert Newton's ‘16 Dimensions’ is a glimpse into his new metaphysical musical realm.

There’s a reason Henry de Montbazon chose Albert Newton as a moniker: science is the source of his musical inspiration. In fact, it’s this unlikely pairing of passions that gives the Franco-British artist his distinctive experimental sound, first heard in his 2020 album Bedroom Posters which features the hit track ‘Volcano’.


Unveiled last week, Newton’s latest track ‘16 Dimensions’ is similarly genre-bending and even more deeply rooted in scientific musings. Part of a new project set to release in 2024, the guitar-led song teases Newton’s journey with this album, which stemmed from an inspiring encounter he had with a quantum researcher and astrophysicist. In awe of their unique perspective, the artist headed to the studio with the intention of creating a musical portal into his “metaphysical realm”.


With the help of producer Max Baby and time spent listening to work by musical idols David Bowie, Tame Impala and Frank Ocean, Albert Newton crafted 11 tracks of which ‘16 Dimensions’ is the ethereal standout. Merging electric guitars with dynamic drum arrangements and dreamy reverb, harmonising with Newton’s velvety vocals, this captivating song transports you into Albert Newton’s newly discovered musical universe.

Listen to ‘16 Dimensions’ now: