Alexia Gardner’s version of the Billie Holiday song is powerfully delivered and rich with jazz spontaneity.

Alexia Gardner has shared her cover of the celebrated song ‘God Bless The Child,’ which comes from her brand new album, Feeling The Love, Songs of My Mother, Songs of My Father.


The British-Jamaican artist is considered one of the most exciting and unique jazz singers to have emerged from the UK in the last few decades. Alexia began her career by touring the British Cabaret Circuit nationwide as a teen in an acapella duo named High Profile, where she performed alongside her sister Paula.


To find solid footing for herself before entering the uncertain landscape of the music industry, Alexia worked for years as a teacher in Birmingham before finally deciding to leave teaching and tackle her music career ambitions.


Her life in music has taken her to exciting places, with her career moving in directions she’d never imagined. Alexia has worked as a jazz singer on luxury cruise liners around the Med and performed in luxury hotel groups in Asia. Her incredible performance capabilities also saw her sing on stage in front of some significant figures in the world of politics and business, including the late Nelson Mandela, Sir Sebastian Coe, and Sir Richard Branson.


In 2002, spurred on by her success as a live performer, Alexia finally took the plunge and committed her voice to wax. That year, she released her debut album, The Rest of Your Life. It paved the way for four more albums, with Feeling The Love, Songs of My Mother, Songs of My Father being her latest.


Alexia’s new album, which comes 12 years after her last one, has received positive reviews from critics and has been praised by Alexia’s long-term fanbase. The album sees Alexia Gardner cover ten songs from different areas of the music world, including pop hits, R&B tunes, and old-school favorites.


The artist’s cover of ‘God Bless The Child’ is one of the most fascinating interpretations on the album. The song dates back to 1941 and was written and performed by Billie Holiday. Its lyrics convey that those who can harness their passions and abilities will most likely be “blessed.” Its affirmative message is probably why so many talented artists have covered it, but Alexia finds ways to make her version stand out.


For one thing, her voice has a genuinely absorbing tone, which brings a kind of sharp clarity to the song’s message. For example, when she sings lines like “Yes, the strong gets more/while the weak ones fade,” it feels as clear and rhetorical as a preacher’s message from the pulpit. For another thing, Alexia and her band aren’t afraid to let jazz take over when the occasion calls for it. As on many songs in this album, there’s a natural


The feeling of spontaneity and improvisation in how Alexia & Co approach ‘God Bless The Child. ‘ Lyrically, it’s a short song. Still, the band works into such a comfortable groove that an extended brass solo fits hand-in-glove into this cover.

Listen to 'God Bless The Child':