Australian lawyer turned singer-songwriter Asher X has landed and is here to bring some change to pop music culture.

The Melbourne-based artist shares the track “All My Sins”; a rollercoaster of intensity, truth, and unfiltered passion, from his new album “ANTHEM”. Asher X is striving to inject diversity and representation into the mainstream pop music scene, whilst bringing a unique perspective through his song writing. He combines honest, heartfelt lyrics with smooth vocal textures over crisp, fun beats.


“All My Sins” is a dark-pop/Alt-R&B moody jam where Asher X is able to reflect and learn from his past mistakes, bettering himself. Against a heavy bassline and brooding synths, his effortless vocals ooze charisma and conviction. Asher says the track is, “An anthem of defiance, I wrote this song during a time when I was facing a lot of expectation, judgment and criticism from detractors”.


“ANTHEM” plays as an illustration of the Asher’s transition from the corporate world into the depths of the international music scene. The songs look to tackle the aftermath of trauma, facing vulnerability and self-introspection. For its unapologetic and uplifting messages, the 10-track LP couldn’t come at a more suitable time.


Embodying the enigmatic tone of “All My Sins” is a neon-infused, dark music video that shows a visual representation of brokenness and survival.

Watch the music video for "All My Sins" below: