18-year-old singer-songwriter and fast-rising talent, Véyah, shares sensational debut single “Almost” out via Snafu Records.

Born in Hyderabad, India and raised outside of NYC, Véyah merges her South Asian heritage with her America roots to craft an authentic soulful-pop sound. Introducing her talent with her brand-new single “Almost”, this release sees the artist team up with renowned producer Jeremy Skaller and Sean Cook.


In 2020 Véyah went viral across TikTok with renditions of popular South Asian and Hindi classics. Utilising this acclaim the artist then went on to build her fanbase as she explored covers of contemporary pop and R&B songs. Scouted by 2000s R&B internet sensation Jay Sean, Véyah was shortly introduced to Jay’s long-time collaborators, The Heavy Group (Bazzi, Kiana Ledé etc) where they co-signed her to Jay’s production company, Kamouflage and Snafu Records.


Véyah is soon to perform in Times Square, NYC, in celebration of Diwali with Jay. Speaking about his collaboration with the artist Jay says: “I’ve been in the game a long time and it gives me great pride and joy to be able to champion the next generation of South Asian artists crushing it out there. For example, Véyah is a once in a lifetime talent. Her voice is absolutely insane, whether she is singing pop, R&B or Hindi classics…she’s just THAT good”.

Stream "Almost" below: