UK alt-pop singer-songwriter – and Mario Kart fan – Litany chats to Notion about her new EP “Adult Movies”, her YouTube channel and what’s next

Evolving her sound without compromising her identity, UK artist Litany is taking it to the next level with her new EP ‘Adult Movies’. Litany, real name Beth Cornell, launched her new era with tracks “Cream” and “Sleepover”, met with praise from fans and critics alike. Litany crescendos the hype by sharing her brand new single “Adult Movies” off the EP of the same name.


Produced by Fyfe and co-written with James New, who has penned songs for Dua Lipa, the track chronicles the story of two friends whose unexpected lust transforms into love. Echoing the storyline of “Sleepover”, “Adult Movies” offers insight into the narrative from a different perspective. With a penchant for creating vivid memories through her artistry, Litany’s “Adult Movies” is a captivating listen from the outset.


Alongside “Adult Movies” comes two brand new tracks, “The End” and “Happy Anniversary”, fleshing out the 5-piece EP into Litany’s proudest release to date. Set to headline a show at London’s Scala in September, Litany is sure to make waves with her latest release.


Notion catches up with avid gamer Litany about her new EP, her YouTube channel PlayLIT where she interviews special guests whilst playing against them at Mario Kart, and what’s next for UK’s next hottest alt-pop gem.

Congratulations on your new EP! How has ‘Adult Movies’ developed sonically from your previous releases?

Thank you very much! I wanted bass to play a more pivotal part in this body of work, whether its for more ass-shaking or emotive, expansive window-shaking. On a whole I think this EP is, rather appropriately, more adult and a lot more confident which mirrors where I’m at. 

What inspired your latest single of the same name? Is it an accompaniment to “Sleepover”?

“Adult Movies” and “Sleepover” are very much siblings, perhaps even twins. They were written within a couple of days of each other with Adult Movies being all about the initial magic of falling for your best friend and Sleepover being the “Oh fuck, I’ve fallen for my best friend” cut. Adult Movies was my very real account of getting leathered on New Year’s Eve, watching soft porn, sleeping with said best friend and realising you’d been in love with each other ever since you met.

How has the past year been for you as an artist? How has the pandemic affected your creative process?

I wrote this EP before the pandemic struck. I actually really struggled creatively during that time. Lyrically, I’m very much a storyteller, I tend to hone in on specific moments/events in relationships and as we all know, every day just blurred into one another which didn’t exactly inspire those creative juices. 

Do you think you could pick a favourite track off the EP?

Do y’know, it really depends on what mood I’m in. “Cream” if I’m sad, “Adult Movies” if I’m feeling sentimental, “Sleepover” if I’m feeling sassy. I really do love them all equally like I would my future children.

How was it working with James New on “Adult Movies”?

James and I wrote this tune together at our first ever session in about 4 hours. There are very few people I let make lyrical suggestions when I’m writing, I really take pride in having full ownership in that department but James is the exception to my rule. He has such a knack for challenging me at the right moments often leading to a song-writing goldmine that just unlocks the rest of whatever it is we’re writing. He played a big role in “Cream”, “Sleepover” and “Uh-huh” too.

With things opening back up again, how has it been performing live again? Are you excited for your headline show at the Scala in September? What can we expect from a Litany show?

There is no greater feeling than performing live, other than perhaps the first beer after you’ve just finished. Our socially distant warm-up gig at The Jazz Cafe eradicated any worries I’d been harbouring during this year-long gig-celibacy, I felt truly alive. Scala will be like this but on steroids most likely and I can’t bloody wait. Expect, a safe space where all your worries are left at the door, party hats are encouraged, dad-joke humour will fill the musical void and an all-round kick-ass performance from your new fave live band.

Where do you take inspiration from at the moment?

I try to not go looking for inspiration, it puts too much pressure on what should be an organic process. I kinda just think it’s best to acknowledge when something has moved you enough to take a note of it so as to revisit it later or want to work it into a song or whatever it may be.

Can you tell us more about your PlayLIT series on YouTube? What prompted you to start it?

In the age of social media, I have always struggled with how best to connect with my fans in a way that is genuine. It’s no secret that I’m not fond of social media but I think that’s mainly because I wasn’t using it in a way that represented who Litany really is. PlayLIT blends my love of chatting with MarioKart tournaments and it’s opened door to a world of socials content that I actually ENJOY making. Not to mention, it’s just the most fun thing to do/make – go watch them all and laugh yourselves silly.

What is your favourite game?

Like, ever? Simpsons Hit N’ Run is probably closely followed by Max Payne (both on PS2) But right now, probably Mario Odyssey on Switch, its sooooooooooo good.

What’s next for Litany? Anything exciting in the pipeline?

I really wanna start working on an album or at least entertain the idea of figuring that out for someone with a crappy attention span. In the meantime, I’ve got a few collaborations with some really exciting artists in the pipeline so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Stream 'Adult Movies' below: