Going from singing backing vocals to taking centre stage on The Voice and in her own solo career, Amanda Brown returns with a new single, “Amazing”.

Bronx native, Amanda Brown is an artist representing Puerto-Rican and Jamaican communities to millions of fans worldwide. Returning with a new personal track, “Amazing”, as Amanda marks a fresh chapter in her life, it seems her music will follow.


With an impressive career so far, Amanda’s musical story began while attending college in New York, auditioning for singing opportunities that led to a gig as a backing singer on Alicia Key’s worldwide tour. Continuing to sing behind the likes of Adele and Stevie Wonder, it was competing on The Voice USA where Amanda was given the opportunity for a solo career. Some of her tracks from the show made it into the Billboard 100, and after the show Amanda toured with The Killers, this time as a supporting solo artist in her own right.


Back with new music, her latest release “Amazing”, comes from her EP slated for release this year. Tackling personal themes, Amanda discusses, “It’s my farewell to a life and relationship that had become dark and problematic. I thought I’d live in New York City forever but the life I was living was no longer serving me and it wasn’t sustainable. I wasn’t being kind to myself and was running from the truth for years until the truth was no longer avoidable. I wanted to be happier or to at least allow myself the opportunity to create a happier life for myself”. Co-written with Somme and produced by Kenny Carkeet, her “leap of faith” truly is ‘Amazing’.

Stream "Amazing" below: