Georgia-born singer-songwriter Amelia Moore on getting through a breakup, new single "vinegar", and her 'Homeschool to Hollywood' journey into the pop scene.

For 21-year-old Amelia Moore, the world is a kaleidoscopic collection of emotions. Capturing the rawness of pain and recovery in her newest post-break up ballad “vinegar”, Amelia unapologetically confronts the realities of young love, self-doubt, insecurity, and the turbulent road toward emotional healing.


In a harmonious blend of alt-pop/electro beats, offset by what can only be described as nothing short of Ariana-level whistle tones, Amelia has had no trouble establishing her unique sound. And as a singer/songwriter as well as a multi-instrumentalist, the young artist’s musical talent is second to none.

Amelia gravitated to music from a young age. She joined her local church choir as a child and the rest was history. Taking a leap of faith and moving to Los Angeles at just age 18 to pursue her music ambitions, Amelia found fame and established a cult following even before the release of her first official hit single, ‘Sweet and Sour’.


And now, the rising star takes massive strides into 2022 by embarking on a supporting tour of North America with her Capitol Records label mate, FLETCHER, beginning 28th February.


With only two singles out and already rising to critical acclaim, there’s no doubt that her future is looking bright and full of promise. With her mesmerising vocals, orange-infused alt-aesthetic and a striking fearlessness in her lyrics, Amelia Moore is one you won’t forget.


Detailing her rollercoaster rise to fame, get to know Amelia’s biggest musical inspirations, how she created her identity as an artist, and the importance of music to help us power through life’s curveballs.

First of all, how are you doing?  

I’m doing pretty good!!!!

Congrats on the success of your debut single “sweet and sour”! What was your inspiration and creative process behind the song? 

Thank you so much! My producer Pink Slip and I had the title written down as an idea for a while. We knew as soon as our friend 18yearoldman played the guitar chords, the name “sweet and sour” would be perfect. The original demo was made three years ago, and it’s changed A LOT since then. We were really inspired by the Yeezus album for the outro!

You describe your journey into the music industry as “homeschool to Hollywood” – how did it feel to gain such a large fanbase this early on in your career? 

It feels incredible. I’m so thankful for social media. Before “sweet and sour” came out I had 50,000 followers on Spotify alone! It took me a while to figure out how I enjoy sharing my music on the internet, but now that I have…it’s so rewarding seeing how people connect to my songs. Makes me misty!

You described your new single, “vinegar”, as having “started your healing process” post break-up, how important would you say music is in helping you get through the ups and downs of life? 

Music has always kept me grounded. I remember I wrote my first song when I was 13 because I was so insecure and didn’t want to tell anybody. Being in the studio is a healthy way for me to process how I feel!

How does “vinegar” compare to “sweet and sour” – has your musical direction changed in any way for your second release? 

“vinegar” and “sweet and sour” are two completely different sides of my personality. I can be dark, sexy, and confident but I can also be a complete mess. Same universe and musical direction, just a sonic mood swing.

How do personal experiences and capturing emotions play into your creative expression? 

My writing is always directly affected by my emotions and personal experiences. The two are almost inseparable for me. I wrote a song called “how i feel about the lake” after I was relentlessly bullied on a church lake trip a couple years ago…I also mentioned names HAHA.

You grew up in Georgia then moved to Los Angeles to pursue your career at just 18, what was that transition in lifestyle like? 

It was the biggest culture shock EVER. My parents used to fast forward bar scenes in movies. I never cussed, never snuck out, never DARED to talk about sex or alcohol, never really hung out with people that weren’t home-schooled Baptist Christian kids like me. So, imagine a green 18 year old Amelia dropping out of college to be an artist and having no idea what reality is actually like. haha. I learned so much so fast and I’m so thankful to have had a really incredible and talented group of people around me when I first got here!

Who are your biggest musical role models and how have they influenced your sound? 

Lorde and Frank Ocean are both big lyric and sonic inspirations for me. I’m influenced by weirder, left of centre projects that push boundaries and challenge pop music!

What are you looking forward to most on your upcoming US tour with FLETCHER? Where are you most excited to perform? 

I’m looking forward to playing music live and seeing what people react to!!! Definitely excited for the LA and New York shows, as well as my hometown, Atlanta.

How did growing up singing in a choir influence your decision to pursue music? Does the experience still influence your sound?

I actually thought I was gonna be a Broadway star because of all the church musicals I did…but I realized I would rather be myself and write my own songs than pretend to be someone else and sing something written for a character. I’m still obsessed with gospel choirs and will occasionally stack a 400 layer harmony when I feel like it!

What advice would you give to anyone your age going through similar experiences of a tough break up? 

Rewire your brain! When you start to think about this person…immediately do something else. Sit in the sadness as long as you need to and then get up and go makeout with everyone you’ve ever wanted to!!!!!

How would you describe your identity as an artist and how did you come to define it? 

A lot of my artist identity is found in how I grew up. Sometimes I feel like being home-schooled took a lot from me, but it actually gave me such a unique perspective…and working with Pink Slip for the past three years has been pivotal in helping me figure out what I want to say.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? What are they? 

Start therapy, stick to a consistent morning routine, quadruple my fanbase, headline a show…maybe even have a gold record???

What can we expect to see from you in 2022? 

The best debut EP you’ve seen from an up and coming artist, crazy fashion, cryingatwork and A LOT of background vocals.

Listen to "vinegar" below: