Inspired by a nation divided by binary political identities, and consumed by fake news and enticed by the bright lights of capitalism, Noah Slee drops a thought-provoking and hard-hitting single, ‘America’.

‘America’ is a melting pot of R&B and soulful funk, where Noah simultaneously serenades us with his satin-smooth vocals whilst hitting us with lyricism that is politically charged. Creating an audibly immersive experience of collectively gospel-infused, choral-almost-military-chant like cries from people desperately searching for a sense of belonging and a desire for success, in place that doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge them.


Insightful and introspective, Noah calls for us to step back and reflect on this question “American Dream, what’s that even mean?”.


Viscerally and visually captivating, the music video paired with the song, encapsulates a gritty and dreary uniformity, with a colourful-vigilante-awareness and wisdom. 


Noah Slee’s ‘America’ is a single that oozes passion and sends out messages that simply cannot be ignored.


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