Texas-based mavericks Me Nd Adam release their sophomore album 'American Drip Part II', embracing a new musical identity.

Me Nd Adam turned to music when the world turned its back on them. The Texas-based trash-wave trailblazers have garnered attention since they released their first single, “Heartbreak Kid”. Clocking millions of streams, the instant hit announced their contemporary rock and pop productions to the world and simultaneously attracted interest from Handwritten Records: the Las Vegas indie label known for its quirky roster.  


Unveiling their sophomore album ‘American Drip Part II’, Me Nd Adam haven’t stopped since they gained notoriety back in 2020. Laying claim to a new musical identity, the project is both experimental and innovative, taking influence from the genres they love but by no means letting them guide the unique sound they’ve come to epitomise. “ADP1 was an exploration; ADP2 is an expression of what we found. In ADP1 they [genres] were driving us; now we are driving them”, the duo explains. Lyrically, the album is similar to their last, analysing themes like love, hope and heartbreak but with more sincerity than previous releases.  


Eclecticism remains at the centre of what Me Nd Adam do. Unwilling to be bound by the conventions of modern music, the close friends are known for rambunctious live sets, matching the crowd’s energy with their own. You can catch them performing in arenas and supporting legends like The Killers, who’ve frequently endorsed their music over the years. 

Listen to ‘American Drip Part II’ below: