Calling all comic-heads and horror fanatics, there's a comic book series following Bale's depraved ventures on the cards for October.

LA comic book publisher Sumerian has just announced a four-part comic book series based on the cult horror classic, American Psycho (2000). It’s been over two decades since the flick stormed theatres and Christian Bale’s blood-spattered role as madman Patrick Bateman continues to live on as one of the best portrayals of a murderer in 21st-century film. That’s why the series will bring back Bateman, this time with a different perspective of his killing spree – and a notable twist. 


The release is set to follow a dual narrative, the second revealing a contemporary arc with ‘surprising connections to the past’. Created as a sequence to the original movie, it will focus on “an all-new psychopath as social media obsessed millennial, Charlie (Charlene) Carruthers, goes on a downward spiral filled with violence. Drug-fuelled partying leads to bloodshed as Charlie leaves a trail of bodies on her way to discovering the truth about her dark nature.”


American Psycho #1 will be available in comic book stores across the US and online on October 11th of this year.