Combining alt-Reggaeton and Latin Pop with psychedelic concepts, ANASTASIA is already setting herself up for a meteoric rise with the release of her debut EP. Her latest single, 'Mariposa,' is a flawless introduction for eager listeners.

As a Latin-American artist, ANASTASIA does something different from what most of us have heard.


Having honed her musical craft from a young age, ANASTASIA began to gain a reputation in recent years for her beguiling vocals, lyrical aptitude, and fusion of genres that push at the fringes of Latin Pop. She drew the attention of GRAMMY Award winner Ric Wake. At the same time, she has also collaborated and worked with big-name artists, including Pom Pom Squad, Niko Rubio, Abby Anderson, Rex Wilder, Lucas Messore, Peter Verdell, San  Miguel Perez, MOONZz, Krysh, Yianna, Jack Massic, Lilo, Boy Jr., Samara Bradley, Lexi Cline, Kit Major, Wynne Philpot, Pom Pom Squad, Honey Bear, Cloe Terare, Ledo, Hannah Avison, Shyloom, Lina Cooper, and more.


ANASTASIA fearlessly shares her truth and weaves captivating tales from her journey, inspiring us to embrace depth and seize our dreams without hesitation. The MARIPOSA EP is a powerful reminder that while much may be beyond our control, our stories are continually evolving and waiting to be written. It’s always possible to embrace your true self and fulfill your destiny.


‘Mariposa’ is an opening salvo for ANASTASIA’s debut EP. The EP offers five mesmerizing songs, each referencing a different ‘element of life,’ including earth, water, fire, air, and space. Collectively, they paint a picture of an artist learning to understand herself and her personal experiences to find self-actualization.


Step into a new world with the official music video for ‘Mariposa’ released alongside the debut EP, directed by Gabrielle Gorman, a noted up-and-coming director in Los Angeles. Gorman also directed the music video for ANASTASIA’s song ‘Red Flags.’


This video offers us a glimpse into ANASTASIA’s preoccupation with what it means to both lose yourself and ‘find’ yourself again. The video tracks her – vibrant in a red dress – as she navigates a path through the forest while visuals of butterflies are around her in a kaleidoscope. At the end of the video, she descends into the water as if embracing the ripples, hinting at the ‘butterfly effect’ the song references.


These records offer the listener a window into the life and overcoming struggles of a musician who will soon be Latin Pop’s new face.


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