We chat to Philadelphia-based musician, Andrea Valle, about her new EP 'Lovergirl' and creating during lockdown.

Sitting in the sweet spot between R&B and neo-soul is Andrea Valle, the Philly musician serving up strong lyricism and on her new EP, ‘Lovergirl.’


Almost every song on the 7-track EP was written by Andrea herself – apart from for a feature from Brooklyn rapper AJRadico. The project explores themes of love, closure and self-worth. Case in point, on lead single, “Wild”, Valle sings: “Put ya money where ya mouth is/ No time for games, know ya like this (Ohh)/ And you could should shoot a shot, hope you don’t miss/ Looking for a ride or die who ain’t gon’ quit.”


Her EP may have been released during lockdown, but that didn’t stop Andrea from creating some amazing content to accompany her music. Working with seven different artists for each of the EP’s songs, they created a range of 3D-rendered animations of Andrea that give big Second Life vibes. From digital covers to Lil Miquela-esque music videos, we can’t get enough of the aesthetic.


We spoke to Andrea Valle about how she’s been staying creative, the inspirations behind her EP, and finding her “true sound.”

andrea valle

First of all, how are you doing? How have you managed to stay creative during these tumultuous times?

I’m well! I’ve been managing by doing yoga, working out here and there lol I recently just got some roller skates and at the start of quarantine I purchased an electric guitar, and I named her Ivory. So I’ve been busy staying afloat by staying creative.

You’ve recently released your Lovergirl EP. Congratulations! What were the experiences that inspired the body of work?

Thank you! Life in general, going through the motions, getting your heart broken, being vulnerable for the right boy at the wrong time and so much more that the songs only intel at the surface but it’s all raw for me. Pure experiences are always the best inspiration.

Do you have a favourite song from the EP? If so, why that one?

WIYLL is my favourite, I think my lyricism was super fun, many double entendres, and metaphors. And the production is just what I think embodies what my true sound is, R&B and soul.

andrea valle

You worked with 7 different artists to create 7 digital renderings of yourself – one for each cover. They’re all so sick! What was behind the decision to do that?

Quarantine caused a lot of setbacks and the team and I figured out a way to make this EP a digital release all around, we still have some fun and exciting things to drop along with the rollout of this Lovergirl digi world I’m in. But definitely I owe it to all the artists for making the tracks stand out even more on their own. It gives them their own light.

Who have been your greatest musical influences over the years?

Little Dragon, Frank Ocean, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and always Jill and Erykah.

Give me a window into your writing process – how do you write a song?

I always freestyle before actually writing a thought or a lyric. It’s just easier for me to say what comes to my mind first, make a little voice memo, then go back in to fill or replace words when I’m actually writing. It’s definitely experimental to go off the dome.

andrea valle

You have such an incredible sense of style. Do you usually have a set aesthetic in mind or do you prefer to build a look with random pieces you’ll find over time?

I don’t think I have a set aesthetic at all, my style switches a lot and I manage to package it well lol. Mixing and matching is kinda my method to having unique styles join together and making it make sense with colour coordination.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

My first gig I think was at The Fire in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. It’s like this small dive bar and they have hella shows there.

What are you most looking forward to at the moment?

I’m looking forward to working on more music, I haven’t been in the studio recording because of COVID but in the meantime, I’ve just been writing music at home and staying hopeful that we can reach some sort of norm sooner than later.

Listen to Andrea Valle's 'Lovergirl' EP below: