With new album Waiting For The Rain dropping today, Andrew Cushin discusses hope, healing, supporting Louis Tomlinson and more.

Andrew Cushin has mastered the art of storytelling. The rapidly rising North East star may be too modest to admit it, but his debut album, Waiting For The Rain is filled with powerful and vivid vignettes of his journey thus far. Highly anticipated, the record is delivered in a beautiful baritone that lures you into his uplifting portrayals of everyday life. Hope, he tells us, is the record’s central theme, and it’s something he dissects with profound honesty.  


Growing up in Newcastle, Andrew’s built a dedicated following in the north of England, which is starting to transpire down south. Having signed to Pete Doherty’s Strap Originals Label, the Geordie singer just came off tour with ex-One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, who’s one of many stars co-signing the 22-year-old.  


Writing music has acted as therapy for Andrew over many years, allowing him to heal from tribulations both past and present. It’s why the release of Waiting For The Rain is such a landmark but vulnerable moment for him. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, the singer-songwriter and guitarist is nervous about what will follow, but one thing’s for certain, this won’t be the last time you hear Andrew Cushin’s name.  


Setting off on a headline tour next month, including two dates at Newcastle O2 City Hall, Andrew discusses supporting Louis Tomlinson, Waiting For The Rain and more. 

Congratulations on your latest single ‘Just Like You’d Want Me To’, taken from your forthcoming album, Waiting For The Rain. Can you tell us a bit about how this one came about?

‘Just Like You’d Want Me To’ is a song about getting on with life. It’s about making the best of every situation but never forgetting the person you’ve left lost, just like they’d want you to.

The song speaks to the power of music and its healing properties. In what ways has making music helped you, not only as an artist, but as an individual over the years?

I’ve used music as my therapy for years, it was the reason I started writing songs. Whenever I’ve been down or upset, I’ve always picked up the guitar and wrote about it. I’ve done it since I started playing.

What was on your mood board when creating this new album? How did you want it to sound and how did you want people to feel when listening to it?

I think writing this record was tough in some ways, I’ve said everything I wanted to say but I’ve had to drag up a lot of upsetting times as well. As I said, I think the main word for this record is hope and I’ve really tried to incorporate a bit of hope into every song.

You’ve just embarked on an arena tour supporting Louis Tomlinson, who’s a keen supporter of your music. How are the pre-tour preparations going?

We played with Louis across the US and Europe and I’ve got to say I had the best experience of my life. Everyone on the team was so welcoming and I learnt so much, playing for Louis’s fans every night was a pleasure and a privilege and I’ll be forever grateful to everyone for having me along for the shows.

Growing up in Newcastle, how has the city influenced your approach to music?

It’s taught me to work hard. Newcastle is a very hardworking city and you don’t get anywhere without pushing yourself. I can say I’ve put 110% into everything I’ve ever done in music. As a city, Newcastle has got behind me so much. It’s where everything started! It’s a special feeling performing for this city and I can’t wait to do it again soon on tour.

What are some of your earliest music memories?

Listening to Paul Weller as a kid with my dad, sitting in the backyard with the tunes blasting. They’re nice memories.

When did you realise that music was your deeper calling?

I wrote ‘Waiting for the Rain’ when I was 16 and then sat on it until I was 18. One night I was quite drunk with a few friends and family and someone pulled a guitar out. For whatever reason it was handed to me and I don’t know why, but I said “What do you all think of this?” I played ‘Waiting for the Rain’ and no one believed I wrote it. A few weeks later I decided to do my first show and that’s where it all began.

What’s next for Andrew Cushin? Beyond this album and tour, is there anything that you’d like to achieve in the rest of 2023? 

2023 has been the best year of my life musically, I’m so grateful to everyone for making it so special. We’ve still got a few things to announce for the rest of the year. Perhaps another Europe show, who knows!

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