Lefturn's new single is a bold expression of an artist taking pride in her queer identity.

Equality and opportunity are at the centre of Lefturn’s creativity. As a queer person, she’s intensely aware of the experience of being unable to share her voice, and she’s determined to ensure people don’t suffer those same difficulties.


As a result, her art is a bold celebration of what it means to accept yourself and feel proud showing who you are to the world, freely melding different genres in a celebration of individuality. That’s certainly on full display in her new single, “Animal Style”.


Lefturn says, “Animal Style is all about raw energy and confidence for me. I feel like it perfectly represents who I am as an artist. If I had to play someone one song to show them my work, I would show them Animal Style. I am naturally quite a shy person so I love moments, like this song, where I get to display a more energetic raw side of myself.”


That confidence is at the core of “Animal Style”, a punky tune that enters on a thrumming baseline and employs Lefturn’s snarling lyrics to explore how she’s come to accept her own desires and enjoy them. It’s an expression of an artist who’s unwilling to let others’ opinions of herself matter any longer, and who has no time for self-deprecation or forced humbleness, and it’s all the more exciting for it.



Listen below: