Returning two years after her debut project, Anisa is back with a Y2K-inspired music video for her latest single, “Deserve Me”.

Anisa is a British-Somalian songwriter and content creator who recently returned with a brand-new track, “Deserve Me”. Written by Anisa, and produced by Edashman, “Deserve Me”, finds the artist crafting a cinematic video through Y2K-inspired footage.  


Introducing her engaging storytelling skills with her 2020 release “Yalla”, Anisa has since grown a great fanbase across Instagram and TikTok. Growing up next to Wembley Arena, Anisa scoped her love for music at a young age and continues to make people smile through her authentic content.  


Speaking about the inspiration she had behind the track, Anisa tells: “The moment I heard the production, it felt super nostalgic to me, and I really miss that old school sound. The inspiration for the song came from that ‘90s and early 2000s R&B era, which was very pivotal to me growing up, and has such a great influence on my music today! This song is about finally realising that you deserve better – it’s almost like waking up from an epiphany and finally letting go! It’s a song I created to teach girls to never settle for anything less than what you deserve, and that’s on SELF RESPECT”. 

Watch the video to "Deserve Me" below: