Anna Bea opens up on her brand new single, "Ghosts", sibling rivalry, and the powers of social media.

Anna Bea, the London-hailing songstress, has just released yet another infectious pop track, “Ghosts”. Fuelled by a ‘00s-style hook, the single delves into the modern-day curse that is being ghosted. It exposes the hurt that comes with rejection and speaks openly about how normalised the act has become. Moving through the stages of ghosting as though grief, towards the end of the song, this humiliation blossoms into self-acceptance.


Creating equally relatable and feel-good tunes for the masses, Anna Bea’s just getting started. Having relocated to New York, from London, she recorded the video for “Ghosts” in her new surroundings, interviewing locals about their personal experiences with the issue. It all started out, though, aged 12 in her family home when sibling rivalry prompted her first-ever song.


Today, she’s working on proving herself as something more than just a creator of catchy pop cuts. Threading empowering messages throughout her output, she’s aiming to inspire self-love and strength within her fanbase. And, with a treasure chest of new music ready to release throughout 2023, the power’s in full flow for Anna Bea.

Hey Anna Bea, how are you? What’s been your fondest memory from 2023 so far? 

I’m great thank you! It was probably being invited by the BBC to do a live session and a week of interviews in Bristol. I recently graduated from Bristol University and every day on my way into lectures I’d walk past the BBC building and I’d think to myself ‘One day I’m going to do an interview there & they’re going to play my songs on the radio’ and when that actually happened it was a very special moment for me.

Your latest track, “Ghosts”, is a super catchy pop hit. Can you tell us what it’s about? 

About a year ago I was dating someone and it was going really well (or so I thought) and we had plans to go to Paris together for the weekend. I was really excited and nervous. I arrived at the station, bags packed and ready to go but he never showed up and I never heard from him again. He ghosted me. The experience inspired to me write a song about ghosting and how easily people can go from being close to nothing at all.


I had so much fun shooting a music video for this song in New York. I went up to a bunch of different people and asked if they’d ever been ghosted.  The video starts with different interviews of people sharing their ghosting stories. The first part of the video shows me getting stood up at Grand Central Station and then the second part is more positive and shows me having a good time in the city with my friends!

What did you learn about yourself and your musicianship throughout the track’s creative process?  

I learnt that songs that come from personal experience are the strongest. This is probably the most honestly I’ve ever written and writing it was like a form of therapy for me because I was able to write all of my feelings and turn the situation into a positive.

You cover so many themes on there. What would you like fans to take away from the track? 

That you’re not the only one to get ghosted. If they’re ghosting you, it’s their loss and the universe’s way of moving you towards something better.

Where do you find it easiest to write? Are you someone that needs be out of their comfort zone to seek inspiration, or are you most productive in the ease of a studio? 

I find it easiest to write at home in my bedroom, with my guitar. Sometimes getting outside my comfort zone can help with inspiration but I tend to write about things that happen to me in my life. I also get inspiration from movies and talking to friends. I’m most productive when I’m writing and working with different people because it makes the creative experience more fun.

As an artist who’s used TikTok to generate a fanbase and early fame, how would you advise up and coming artists to do the same?

TikTok is such an amazing platform because it allows anyone to build a following for themselves. It’s crazy how one video can reach so many people and so it’s such a helpful tool for us new artists to get our music heard by an audience. I’m still in such an early stage of my career but I’d say keep posting content that you’d want to see yourself.

You’re currently based in New York. How does the vibe, as an artist, differ in America compared to over here in the UK? 

People are so friendly and enthusiastic here and they love the English accent too! Lots of my TikToks involve me going up to strangers and asking them to react to my song, so far, people have been very open-minded and willing to share their stories.

You grew up in a musical family between London and Bristol. What were some of your earliest memories of music being played in the house? 

I remember my parents would always play Bob Marley, who I’m now a huge fan of, and my Dad would always play and dance to the Gipsy Kings.

Were there any significant figures growing up that aided your love of music and how you consumed it? 

My mum is a backing singer in a band, so I’ve grown up watching her sing at gigs and festivals which really inspired my passion for performing. I actually started writing songs because I was jealous that my younger sister was writing music when I was only singing covers. I remember the best present I ever received was a Sony Walkman for Christmas and I remember taking it everywhere with me.

What can fans expect from you in the short term? Do you have any more music, tour dates or festival appearances you’d like to share with our readers? 

I’ve got lots more music coming soon! I’m performing at Kobrick Coffee Company in New York on 25th May and at The Red Lion on 29th May. I’ll be posting about all my gigs and new music release on Instagram.

Stream "Ghosts" below: