Swedish folk-pop artist Elina unveils ethereal visuals for her poignant single, “Apologize”.

Unearthing the rawness of her own emotions, the visuals for Elina’s latest offering, “Apologize” tell a sentimental tale of self-growth. The track navigates letting go of love and learning to understand one’s value, told through introspective lyrics and soothing vocals. 


The folk-inspired pop single paves the way for Elina’s upcoming debut album ‘Whatever Happens Now’, which was announced today. Out October 27th, the project is about, “closing a chapter”, as the Ivor Novello nominee explains, “Over the past several years I’ve learned a lot about acceptance and about letting go of resistance. There’s this glimpse of hope and peace to these new songs which I think comes from a lot of positive change within”.


Looking at where Elina’s journey started reveals an authentic and idyllic backdrop. The emerging artist was raised in a small Swedish village, surrounded by serene forests. It was in these early halcyon days that she discovered the enchanted world of ‘60s and ‘70s pop-culture icons, including Joni Mitchell and The Mamas & The Papas. Alongside the evocative sounds of bands like The Paper Kites, Elina’s musical journey began to take shape. 


Today, over a million Spotify users tune into her dulcet tones monthtly, and unsuspecting music fans may fall upon her songwriting elsewhere, having penned songs for Zara Larsson, Maroon 5, and SZA, among others. With an ever-growing fan base and a handful of tender releases lined up for 2023, the name Elina is one to get to grips with. 

Stream "Apologize" below: