Apple is back with a new edition to the AirPods clan. The newly designed sweat and water-resistant, AirPods Pro, will without a doubt revolutionise the audio listening experience for good.

Slickly and subtly different from its predecessors in design, The AirPods Pro, arrives with flexible, silicone ear tips in three sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit and making your listen as comfortable and immersive as possible.


Noise cancellation is a phrase that’s been tossed about with inaccuracy over the years, particularly with in-ear headphones. However, with the AirPods Pro, Apple means business. Dedicated to creating a personalised listening experience for each and every listener, the advanced wireless headset contains two microphones, to get rid of any unwanted external and internal sounds. Also coupled with a state-of-the-art algorithm AirPods Pro constantly alters itself accommodating for each ear as you listen, providing you with a tunnel-vision focus, for whatever you’re doing – whether it be tuning into your favourite album, with a couple of mates using with the audio sharing function, or even interacting with Siri.

Apple proves that they are taking the wireless in-ear audio listening industry to the next level, with the AirPods Air’s Transparency Mode. It’s cutting edge design, allows you to naturally hear your voice and the environment around you whilst listening to music. With a press and hold of a sensor, you’ll never have to sacrifice mentally belting out your favourite chorus for a tube announcement again.


AirPods Pro’s performance is second to none. When in Active Noise Cancellation mode, it allows for an impressive four and a half hours of listening time and three and a half hours of calling time. But for the optimum immersive and listening experience, the Wireless Charging Case is essential, providing you with 6 times the talk and listening time.


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