Ari Mediratta Sings a Heartfelt Ode for all those who have been hurt in “Beautiful Cry.”

Ari Mediratta, who moved to the UK at 13 to attend boarding school, has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the music scene. His passion for writing became an outlet to cope with homesickness, paving the way for his creative writing phase. The UK exposed him to a more advanced and evolved music and drama scene, seemingly aligned with his artistic expression.


With music and drama being the focus of his college years, Ari was able to hone his craft and take his talents to the next level. In 2019, he received the Producers award at the UK’s Teen Star competition for young artists, opening doors for him to the music industry. Ari’s love for music was catapulted even further as he underwent a development course, writing and co-producing four songs, thanks to Future Music Group based in London.


Ari’s dedication to his craft cannot be doubted, as he committed to developing his abilities in singing and playing the piano, guitar, and drums. He even enrolled in the boot camp at the songwriting academy UK, a testament to his desire to improve his skills and reach new heights. Ari’s course mentors, British songwriter and producer Martin Sutton and musician Kevin Antunes acknowledged and recognized his diligence and dedicated involvement in his group.


With his talent and hard work thus far, it is clear that Ari has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry, and we can’t wait to see how he continues to grow and develop as an artist. His passion for music will continue to drive him toward even more significant accomplishments in the future.


Beautiful Cry,” co-written by Ari, produced by Leland Grant of South Light Sound, and Bill Diluigi, both Nashville based, has Ari Mediratta celebrate the cathartic release that follows giving over heartbreak. The message, carefully laid out, emphasizes each word for maximum impact. Atmospherically, Ari recalls a little of the thoughtful melancholy of Ben Folds Five. Much like that group, Ari ensures that the arrangement has an urbane sophistication, a classic cadence that makes him transcend trends for something timeless. Piano playing is stellar, blending flawlessly alongside the guitar work. Exceptionally spacious, he allows the space between each sound enough room to grow.


The song has a hushed awe. He narrates her experience from afar, like an omnipresent narrator. A friend for support, how he conveys her emotions adds to the empathy of the message. Verses get woven together as a more extraordinary portrait is painted, reflecting loss. Rather than it being something purely focused on sadness, there are glimmers of hope that radiate. At first hesitant, the idea of not suppressing but expressing those feelings leads to a release. He knows that this part hurts, where a person must confront what happened and who did it to them, but in the long run, such growth is good. Within sadness, there is an exquisite beauty, as the person is still very much in touch with their emotions, of being able to celebrate the good among the bad.


Ari Mediratta pours his whole self into every single line of “Beautiful Cry,” resulting in a universal sense of poetry for all those feeling forlorn and forgotten.


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