Opening its doors to new works and new audiences, we take three creatives to Tate Britain to find out what art means to them, in collaboration with Tate Collective.

Recently reopening its doors to a complete rehang of the most celebrated collection of British art, for the first time in 10 years Tate Britain’s free displays are being presented anew. With 800 works by over 350 leading artists, the gallery now tells a more expansive story of British art history, inviting everyone to discover six-centuries of groundbreaking art.


In collaboration with Tate Collective, we invited three creatives to discover Tate Britain’s recent rejig. Backdropped by some of the most renowned pieces in existence, North London hotshot AntsLive, DJ and radio presenter Tiffany Calver and rising wordsmith ENNY all pick out their favourite pieces and reveal what art means to them.


For AntsLive, it’s art’s brutal honesty that encourages him to put pen to paper. “Art inspires me for a number of different reasons”, he says before adding, “I like things that move the goalposts a little bit. I don’t usually connect with something if I feel like I’ve seen it a thousand times, whatever field it’s in.”


Similarly, Tiffany Calver thinks art is a universal language. “I think that art ebbs and flows throughout so many areas of life”, she mentions in the interview. Likewise, ENNY believes visiting art spaces helps to broaden her horizons and make music limitlessly. As she explains, “Art allows expression in a way that manifests itself in a beautiful way.”

Tate also understands that art isn’t just limited to what you’ll find on the gallery walls. Thanks to the Tate Collective scheme, members can enjoy unmissable live events and late-night DJ lineups, as well as £5 exhibition tickets, creative opportunities and exclusive events and discounts.


Helping you find art in unexpected ways, Tate Britain is open every day of the week with an ever-changing rotation of exhibitions. Showcasing the world’s greatest collection of British art, the gallery’s free displays not only keep regulars on their toes but also inspire newbies to experience something unique.

Watch AntsLive, Tiffany Calver and ENNY explore:

Helping you to find art in unexpected ways, Tate Modern and Tate Britain are free to visit, whether alone or with your mates. Sign up to become a member of Tate Collective here for £5 exhibition tickets, and discounts across food and drink. Tate Collective exists to champion young people, welcoming them into the art space with open arms.


There’s much more to explore musically too, as Tate Modern Lates, on every last Friday of the month, and Late at Tate Britain host unmissable events with some of the best DJs and artists around. 


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