London studio, Art of Football, has launched a new collection of football shirts celebrating the best of Europe’s art history.

Just in time for England’s win against Germany, London’s creative studio Art of Football has kicked off a celebration of football – and art.


Shooting off against England, Spain, Italy, France, and the Netherlands, 5 jerseys pay tribute to each country’s history and great artists. Named Masterpiece, the collection runs between the old and new, from Renaissance Italy to contemporary street art – what’s on show is sure to have you dribbling.


Art of Football pitches vintage shirts from each location reinvented, from the 1996 England national team shirt to Italy’s 1994-96 home kit. From an understated homage to Banksy to a psychedelic take on Van Gogh, the collection scores a goal for blending high culture with shirts perfect for the pitch.


The collection is available to shop online.