Max Green & URCHN have dropped a hypnotic and introspective new collab, "AsleepInStormyWeather".

“AsleepInStormyWeather” was originally created in 2020 as a standalone beat by URCHN, who started releasing LoFi beats in the spring of 2020 as the pandemic lockdowns began, musing on the theme of lost love and how physical and emotional separation interact with one another. Now, it has been reinvented with the help of Echo Park-based songwriter Max Green, whose songs explore themes of existentialism and self-identity with smooth and melodic vocals.


The new version injects new life into URCHN’s original, layering Green’s softly introspective vocals on top of URCHN’s swirling beats to accentuate the sense of yearning and longing key to a song that was created at the beginning of the social distancing era. It’s a fitting reflection of Green’s naturally collaborative nature as an artist, and URCHN’s willingness to have his music reinvented and infused with new meaning.


On the new version of the song, Green has said: “AISW paints the picture of tumultuous weather as it reflects one’s mindset post-breakup. The song was written in spring of 2020 shortly after life in LA had shifted drastically due to the pandemic. My previous relationship had just ended and my state of mind (and the world) forced me to learn so much more about myself & others. There’s a sense of reflection in the process of losing love that can bring awareness of one’s self that is both beneficial and terrifying. Although the dialogue touches on a great deal of regret, there’s a sense of optimism left recognizing that we are human in our mistakes and learning from them allows us to put the pieces back together and move forward. The songwriting and production of this song had such a flow and it provided me the perfect vessel to work through my emotions.”

Listen below: